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"Who is Derek Carley, and can we please see more of him?'' 

-Times Square Chronicles

('Single Wide' NYC Premier)

"Carley is the best actor of the bunch"

-The Providence Phoenix

(National Tour of Flashdance the Musical)


"When a reclusive and mysterious Guy (...played with tremendous likeability by Derek Carley), becomes their next door neighbor, the entire neighborhood falls in love with him." 

-Theatre is Easy

('Single Wide' NYC Premier)

"...Guy (Derek Carley), the handsome stranger who has just moved into the park. With Guy’s arrival, Carley briefly kicks the show into a whole new gear with his first number... With a great voice and an understated manner, it’s no wonder that Katy feels an attraction."

-The Front Row Center  

('Single Wide' NYC Premier)


"Derek Carley, like his character, is full of mystery and when he unravels it’s truly remarkable. As Guy, Carley does not fall into the traps set by the stereotypes allowing his character to have human connections that are tangible."

-Theater in the Now

('Single Wide' NYC Premier)


"Carley underplays every part of Guy, which only draws you further into his mystery." 

-Talkin' Broadway

('Single Wide' NYC Premier)

"Carley manages to flesh out his woefully underwritten character with an emotional clarity that’s palpable."

-The Mercury News

('Daddy Long Legs' at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley)

"Derek Carley is confident, poised, comedic, and charming. His connection to and passion for the character is evident... Carley charms the audience throughout the show due to his effortless connection with every other actor and his likeability, especially as he sings "Unchained Melody." He is perfectly cast as Sam Wheat"

('Ghost the Musical' at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse)

"Carley's ability to remain young at heart and display that exuberance is an attribute for his role"


('Big' at Wagon Wheel Theatre)

"Carley is an exceptional vocalist"

('From Here to Eternity' at Ogunquit Playhouse)

"Carley captivates with rich tenor vocals"

-Portland Press Harold

('From Here to Eternity' at Ogunquit Playhouse)

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